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SUVACHA is the abbreviation of Sushruta,Vagbhata and Charaka who were the great Acharyas of Ayurvedic science.They are the scholars who wrote authentic Ayurvedic texts Sushruta samhita,Vagbhata samhita (Astanga hridaya) and Charaka samhita respectively.The name SUVACHA is to memorize the noble treatises of Ayurveda and hence to give tribute to their great endevors.  

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Successful Ayurvedic treatment for headache....

Headache is the common complaint in most of the patients. 92% of the people suffer from one or other kind of headache in their lifetime.Whereas 30-35% of the people very often suffer from the mild to moderate headache once or twice in a week. As much as 22-24% of people suffer from chronic headache once in two or three days.

Even though modern science explains various types as cluster headache, headache followed by sinusitis etc., Ayurveda classifies headache(Shirashoola) under the prime classifications as Vatika, Paittika, and Kaphaja headaaches. 

Other than this,Suryavarta, Ardhavabhedaka, Shankaha etc kind of headaches are also
explained based upon the aetiological factors, associated symptoms and nature of the

Here are some important remedies for common headaches-
Vatika headache;
                       1)   Dasamoolarishta 15-20 ml twice in a day after 1 hour of food intake.
                       2)   Shadbindu thaila(four drops) between 4PM - 6PM.

Paittika headache:

                       1)   Laghusootasekhara rasa 125-250mgs  along with milk or water, immediately after food three times a day.
                       2)   Ksheerabala thaila nasya 4-0-4 drops between 10 AM - 12 Noon

Kaphaja headache:
                       1)   Dasamoolakatuthraya kashaya 15-20ml along with water immediately after food.
                       2)   Anuthaila nasya 4-0-4 drops in the early morning.

Proper guidance of expert physician in the diagnosis and therapy will surely help to overcome the complaint of headache.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Successful health report:Dr Krishnamurthy's ayurvedic treatment diary(Vatic Shirashoola/Migraine headache)

Name-Mr Rajashekhar(Name is changed)
Height-158 cm
Weight-60 Kg
Occupation-Bus conductor
Date of approach-27-7-2010
Main complaint-Severe head ache(which is increasing gradually during day),disturbed mind,nausea since 2 years.Incident repeats once in 3-4 days.

Associated complaints-Loss of interest to take food,mood diversion, lethargy,darkness in front of the eyes, vomitting sensation,lacrimation since 2 years.

Treatment history-Patient took medicines of various systems like Allopathy,Homoeopathy etc.,During the medication he used to feel better,but the incident was repeating through out.Patient was habituated to take analgesics whenever he was getting headache.

My  Diagnosis:Vatic Shirashoola (Migraine headache?)

Treatment schedule-
27-7-2010 to 07-8-2010
1)Shirashooladi vajra rasa(SDL)2 tab tid,after food,along with water
2)Vata vidhwamsa rasa(Chaitanya pharma)2-1-1 after food,along with water 
3)Dashamoola kashaya choorna (Self prepared)for Ksheera kashaya(Medicated milk)30 ml along with sugar candy bid,1/2 an hour before food
4)Shadbindu taila(Self prepared) 4 drops to each nostrils (Nasya/errhine)in the early morning and evening
Observations-Severity of the pain and incidence of occurrence were decreased.Patient used to get head ache once in 6-7 days and only on journey or whenever there was sleep disturbance or on spicy food intake.
   Indigestion,loss of taste, lethargy were   persistent. Lacrimation was decreased.Incidence of darkness was also declined.

Treatment schedule-
07-8-2010 to 23-8-2010

1)Shirashooladi vajra rasa(SDL)2-1-1tab,after food,along with water
2)Vata vidhwamsa rasa(Chaitanya pharma)1-1-1 after food,along with water 
3)Laghu pachamoola kashaya choorna (Self prepared)for Ksheera kashaya(Medicated milk)30 ml along with sugar candy bid,1/2 an hour before food
4)Ksheerabala taila(Alva pharmacy) 2 drops to each nostrils (Nasya/errhine)in the early morning and evening
Observations-Marked relief of the pain in its severity and incidence.Lacrimation and darkness completely subsided. Nausea and vomitting sensation decreased significantly.Slight improvement in food intake. Indigestion and lethargy were as earlier.

Treatment schedule-
24-8-2010 to 23-9-2010
 1)Shirashooladi vajra rasa(SDL)1-1-1tab,after food,along with water
2)Geriforte1-1-1tab(Himalaya) after food,along with water 
3)Balarishta(Swadeshi)20 ml bid with equal amount of water after food
4)Ksheerabala taila(Alva pharmacy) 2 drops to each nostrils (Nasya/errhine)in the early morning  only.
Good relief from the complaints.General wellbeing improved.No recurrence of earlier complaints.Marked improvement in the digestion of the food and food intake.

Treatment schedule-
23-9-2010 to 18-10-2010

1)Chandraprabha vati(Zandu)1-1-1tab,after food,along with water
2)Geriforte1-0-1tab(Himalaya) after food,along with water 
3)Pancha jeeraka guda 5 gm along with milk after 1/2 an hour of the food
4)Ksheerabala taila 101 avartana(Swadeshi) 1-0-1 soft gelatin capsule along  with water after food.
Twice incidence of mild headache.No additional complaints.Health condition was better.

Treatment schedule-
19-10-2010 to 22-11-2010
1)Chandraprabha vati(Zandu)1-0-1tab,after food,along with water
2)Kushmanda rasayana(Alvas) 10 gm along with milk after 1/2 an hour of the food
4)Ksheerabala taila 101 avartana(Swadeshi) 1-0-1 soft gelatin capsule along  with water after food,morning and night.
Note:During the medication it is advised to avoid spicy,dry and junked food.Also advised  to follow Pranayama to relieve from stress.

On 25-11-2010 Follow up visit-
Patient was reported with significant benefit in his earlier complaints.Rarely he was getting headache which was also very mild.
Ayurvedic medicines are effective in the treatment of such chronic diseases.

Successful health report:Dr Krishnamurthy's ayurvedic treatment diary(Pittadhika Amlapitta(Hyper acidity/Gastritis)

Name-Mr Jayesh(Name is changed)
Height-161 cm
Weight-61.5 Kg
Occupation-Hotel manager
Date of approach-03-8-2010
Main complaint-Acid belching,head ache,vomitting sensation since 6 months
Associated complaints-Tingling sensation in the arm and legs,debility,pricking sensation in the chest and often radiating to neck and shoulder since 4 months
Treatment history-Took Omeprazole  and such other antacids and some mild sedatives(exact medicinal reports were not given);He used to feel quite comfort with those initially,but were not responding later.

My diagnosis:Pittadhika Amlapitta(Hyper acidity/Gastritis?)
Treatment schedule-
14-8-2010 to 20-9-2010
1)Kamadugha with Mouktika(Doothpapeshwar)1tab tid after food
2)Acidocid Syrup(Yamuna pharmacy)2 tsp tid before food
3)Chandrakala Rasa(Doothpapeshwar) 1 tab 6 hourly 
Observations-Marked relief in Head ache,vomitting sensation and acid belching.Debility and tingling sensation were persisting.No improvement in pricking pain

Treatment schedule-
21-9-2010 to 7-10-2010
1)Kamadugha with Mouktika(Doothpapeshwar)1tab bid after food
2)Avipattikara choorna(Alva pharmacy)3gm morning-3 gm noon,6 gm during night(after food)along with milk
3)Dhanvantari gutika(Kottakkal arya vaidyashala) 1-1-2 with water before food
Observations-Improvement in  general complaints;head ache and tingling sensation. Pricking pain is reduced by 60 %.

Treatment schedule-
08-10-2010 to 07-11-2010
1)Madiphala rasayana(Imis)2 tsp before food, tid
2)Dhatri loha(Sdm) 1 tab tid with water, 20 minutes after food intake
3)Shankha vati 1 tab tid with water,immedietly after food 
Observations-Pricking pain is reduced by 90 %.General debility decreased.Improvement in food intake and digestion. Abdominal pain is also subsided.Complete relief from head ache.1.5Kg weight gain is also observed.

Treatment schedule-
8-11-2010 to 27-11-2010
1)Khandamalaki rasayana(self prepared)10 gm bid along with milk(Morning in empty stomach and after food during night)
2)Saptamrita loha ( Doothpapeshwar)1 tab after food,bid

On 28-11-2010 Follow up visit-
Patient is reported to be completely healthy and appeared cheerful.1 Kg weight gain was also observed.