Benefits of Japanese Oil | Japani Oil Ke Fayde

Today we talk about Japanese Oil Friends, you must have known about this oil, but there are some people who do not know about it, the specialty of this oil is that people who are fond of it If you want to increase the length and thickness of your penis, then it is very beneficial Ayurvedic medicine for them because there are some people who make excessive mistakes in childhood and childhood mistakes. Later due to these problems, and due to these mistakes, their blood circulation cannot be done properly in the penis, due to this, there is no strength in the vein and the penis remains absolutely loose and whenever we do bed, after we do the rest, after the rest. Bar Ling does not stand Hajj, then friends, this Japanese oil is a very useful medicine for those people.

The company that made it is named Chaturbhuj Pharma. You must have seen a lot of videos about this oil on YouTube, but most people do not tell how to use this oil and what things were used in it, then friends of this oil The specialty is that no chemical was used in it, all the herbs and all the oils have

been used in it, it is 100% Ayurvedic.

It does not have any side effects, if you use it, then its result is also appreciated, you will definitely get its result if you have looseness in the vein and the length and thickness of the penis are also less, then you must use it once.

Japani Oil made of these things

Akarkara 100 mg
Malla 50 mg
Malkangni 25 mg
Keshar 50 mg
Harttal 125 mg
Jaitoon Oil QS
Laung 100 mg
Tilli oil QS

If you buy this oil and make this oil, then it will cost you a lot and if you buy it from the puncture shop from the market, then its price is 171 rs. It has been very tremendous, if you use it, then you will definitely get the result and I tell you how to use it.

Method of use: – First of all, you have to clean your penis properly and after that 10 to 15 minutes you have to massage it well by leaving the front cap and the bottom part of your penis and when the oil is rummaged in it So you have to sleep and friends should be careful that you do not do wrong things when you use it like masturbating, watching dirty movies, you have to stay away from all these things. Mr. advantage would you have avoided the bitter things you want to eat things sour. You do not have to watch the wrong video, you have to avoid these things, inshallah, if you use this oil by doing it then you will definitely get the result.

If any boils appear on your penis, pimples are applied by applying this oil, then you should stop this oil for a short time and then massage it well with coconut oil and when it is finished then You have to start using Japanese oil again.

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